Technical Specifications of The Sand Man:

Specifications and Dimensions

Length overall
Length on waterline
Hull & deck
Stern winch
Fuel capacity
Gross tons*
Net tons*
Actual weight
59’ 10”
49’ 10”
14’ 6”
6’ 5”
old-growth Douglas fir
powered by a two-cylinder Stanley Steamer auto engine
1,280 gallons
74,000 pounds or 37 tons  (fuel tanks not totally full)

*Note:  These are a measure of the cargo capacity of a ship’s hull below the decks, based on volume (cubic feet).  They are not particularly meaningful for a tug boat which does not carry cargo on board.  The gross tonnage includes all area below deck, while the net tonnage excludes space for engines/machinery, fuel tanks, crew’s quarters, etc.  
Neither measure has any direct relationship to the actual weight of the vessel.


1910 – 1922
1922 – 1944
1944 – present
Frisco Standard, 3 cylinder 50 hp gasoline engine
Fairbanks-Morse, 3 cylinder 100 hp diesel engine
Caterpillar D 13000, 6 cylinder 110 hp diesel engine

on water

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