History of the Sand Man:

The boat has been largely restored in recent years, with most of the work done between 1999 and 2005.  The original wood planking, decks, and cabins, which had significantly deteriorated, have been mostly replaced with new wood.  However, the restoration has been accomplished to replicate the look and function of the boat’s original structures.  Much of the original equipment – from the beautiful wheel in the pilot house to the large towing winch on the stern – have been saved and preserved.

Pictures of the restoration process:
Installing cleat block
Bob Powell, engine installation
Engine installation
Paul Deranleau
Engine installation
Old engine being removed by travel lift
Sand Man at Swantown, nearly ready for launch
Framing started for pilot house
Removing old pilot house
Painting inside of hull
New Stem post
Building Pilot house
Prop cleaning
Prop testing
Kyle Painting
Hull work in Port Townsend
Engine with new Heat Exhanger
crew filling seams in planking
Old pilot house
Old pilot house
Benna Tyler - Port Townsend Shipwrights Coop
Planking being removed
Planking being removed
New planking installed
Benna Tyler - Port Townsend Shipwrights Coop
Joel Rett, Gary Engrbrecht, Craig Kinnaman, & Don Taylor
New forward fuel tanks
Rebuilt engine installed
Installing anchor windlass
Old pilot house removed
Rudder and prop prior to repairs
Installing engine supports
Installing forward fuel tanks
Installing forward fuel tanks
Rusty Lance - from Countyline diesel repair
David Horsefall
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